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First-aid kits for the Ukrainian front lines


The tactical first-aid kit is different from the standard one in that it is intended for quick pre-medical rescue procedures in areas without hospitals or medical personnel. The use of tactical first aid kits facilitates the transportation of the injured to a location where they can receive complete medical attention.
Tactical first aid kits have already helped save a lot of lives. Every warrior who is saved is a miracle for him and everyone who loves him.


Tactical first aid kits are made from high-quality components:

Hemostatic tourniquets  –1

Permanent waterproof marker –1

Compression Bandage – 1

Occlusive dressing with flap – 1

Hemostasis Emergency Elastic Bandage Compression Band – 2

Atraumatic scissors Tactical Shears – 1

Nasopharyngeal airway (NPA) – 1

Water based lubricant 5ml – 1

Transpore Surgical Tape
2,5cm x 9,1m – 1

Urgo Urgoderm Extensible Non–Woven – 4

Medical gloves AQL 1.5 – 2

thermal blanket 160 х 220cm  – 1

Burncare emergency scald soothing sterile hydrogel dressings – 1

Occlusive dressing with flap – 1

Pressed gauze bandage tape – 1

Gauze bandage tape 5m x 10cm – 1

Gauze bandage tape 5m x 5cm – 1

Elastic bandage 3m x 8cm – 1

Chlorhexidine wipes – 1

Alcohol 95% wipes – 1

Water purification tablets (Aquatabs) – 1

Sterile Soft Compress 7.5 x 7.5cm – 1

Sterile Soft Compress 10 x 10cm – 1

Sterile Paraffin Gauze Pad 5x5cm – 1

Anesthetic ampoule + syringe 2ml – 1

Decompression needle G15/2mm – 125mm – 1

Patient examination card – 1

Pouch for hemostatic tourniquets – 1

Emergency aid pouch with a quick–release system – 1

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Needed amount: €2500

Drones for Defenders


Dear friends, today we are starting a fundraiser for our Cossacks from the  Zaporizhia region, one of the most regions in Ukraine now. We need to raise funds for the DJI Matrice 210 rtk V2 drone, it costs a lot, 189,000 hryvnias (4660 euros ), so I am asking everyone to join by spreading this post or help financially, if you have such an option. We understood, that the real strenght is in unity and I am asking you to unite one more time by helping our Warriors to kick the ruzzian scums out back to Mordor.

Thank you in advance, together we will win

Needed amount: €4460

Collection of funds for the population of Ukraine, whose homes were damaged during the war

Immigrant families, Elderly, People with disabilities, Other,

Good day! We need your support!

The purpose of the Charitable Foundation “Patriot of Chernihiv” organization is to help the population of Ukraine (pensioners, disabled people, displaced persons and low-income families) with food products, hygiene products, building materials (construction services) – whose homes were destroyed during the war with the Russian Federation.

The strategic goal of the project is to capture a significant share of charitable aid in Ukraine.

So we are working hard, and we invite you to join us to help more people together!

Needed amount: $300000

10 000 Trech Candles for UAarmy

Warriors, Other,

The team of the charitable foundation “Coast of Life” has already made and supplied over 10000 trench candles since the end of December 2022.

What are these? They are easy-to-make candles which consist of only three components: cans, cardboard and paraffin (or wax). Two of them—cans and cardboard—could be obtained through “reusing and recycling”–we need just to collect the material which was previously used. However, the third component — paraffin or wax — should be bought.

How can I help? One kg of paraffin costs 3 euros. 1kg of paraffin means 10 small candles or 3 big candles. 1 small candle means 3-3,5 hours of burning and lighting. Also, it is possible to collect used candles and send them to us!

Please check our pages to see our past reports and new ones that will be done with your help.

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Needed amount: €2500


Immigrant families, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Ecology / animal protection,

Independence, self-sufficiency, non-subordination… These words are deeply rooted in the hearts of probably every Ukrainian, filling thoughts and even feelings. We are no exception with our center of hope for hundreds of “special families”, the Rivne Regional Specialized Children’s Home with a Center for Rehabilitation of Children with Organic Central Nervous System Disorders and Mental Disorders and Palliative Care for Children of the Rivne Regional Council.
We want to have independence from centralized heating and energy supply, we want to provide our patients with more comfortable conditions, regardless of external circumstances. And this is not a whim, it is currently a necessity in today’s conditions and in the realities of wartime, because our institution serves one of the most vulnerable segments of the population. These are children with disabilities, those who need special conditions not just for comfort, but to ensure their lives.
Children with various diagnoses are treated in the rehabilitation and palliative care units. Among them are seriously ill children who need constant care and maintenance. And our task, first of all, is to create maximum comfort for our “special patients”.
We are developing, considering various options for improving conditions, looking for opportunities to bring our institution to a more modern level of existence. Therefore, we believe that switching to solar panels and a heat pump is the perfect solution to our challenges. It is also an opportunity to save financial resources that can be invested in the development of the institution. All for the safety, protection and comfort of our children. All for the sake of creating comfort in the midst of the ruin they are trying to turn our country into.

Needed amount: €16974

A nice drone for the 44th Brigade (6 drones)


UAV complexes “Valkyria” is an unmanned aerial system for military and civilian purposes to provide monitoring, aerial reconnaissance, video surveillance and correction of artillery fire day and night.

The 44th Separate Artillery Brigade named after Hetman Danylo Apostol needs drones, so the Pokrova Charitable Foundation (Ternopil), which has been operating for over 10 years, together with the military, announces a fundraising campaign to purchase them.

The price includes: 6 aircraft, 3 antennas, 3 laptops with software, 3 batteries and military training.


Funds in any currency can be transferred via LiqPay by following the link:

Needed amount: $50112

Urgent fundraising for a car for the guys of the 36th Brigade in Donetsk region

The guys were returning from a mission under fire and got into an accident. All are alive, but the car is destroyed. They really need our help now. They extremely need a new vehicle as soon as possible. The guys are in a very hot area near Avdiivka.
I am getting down to business with your support. We are strong, we are not indifferent, it concerns us as well as them, we are one team.
🎯Goal: 2600 EUR
(the guys already have about 390)
Together to victory, friends, I believe in you and in this fundraising!
Glory to the Armed Forces!
Glory to Ukraine!
Needed amount: €2600

Acquisition of military tablet PCs for a unit of the Military Naval Forces of Ukraine


To perform combat missions, military units need tablests Pcs with the “Krapiva” software system.

The execution of military tasks in the conditions of active combat requires quick decisions and full-fledged navigation for the instant destruction of the enemy.

The fighters of the unit have been on the front line since the first days of the full-scale war, most of them are combat veterans.

Let’s help our soldiers win together! Glory to Ukraine!

Needed amount: €1200

Rescue Kits to save civilians from biological, chemical, radiational weapons

Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Other,

From the first days of the full-scale invasion, the “RAY OF FREEDOM” Foundation has been implementing the program of providing the civilian population of Ukraine with individual protective kits against the CBR threats and the consequences of man-made disasters. We have done a lot of work to realize the program and start to distribute protective kits. The main task is to make and send the first 200 kits to people who are at risk.

Today, none of us has any doubt that our enemy is a terrorist country. In fact, the entire civilian population of Ukraine is being held hostage. Ukraine lived a full life and actively developed production and agriculture. 5 nuclear power plants, a lot of peaceful chemical production, pharmaceutical factories, containers with fertilizer in every village – all these are potential targets for enemy missiles and a potential source of man-made disasters. We know how to protect you and ourselves!

Needed amount: $30000

Assistance to the fire and rescue unit of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kherson region within the Lead for peace project. Support for everyone

Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Infrastructure, Other,

Because of constant shelling by artillery and MLRS, the State Emergency Service detachment is constantly suffering losses and needs our help.

The separate division of the “AIESEC in Ukraine” NGO in Lviv, in cooperation with the Kherson public organization “New Generation,” is collecting funds for a generator and power banks for the second fire and rescue unit of the Novovorontsovka of the Kherson region.


Needed amount: €1500

Fundraising for a car for soldiers of the 98th battalion of the Azov regiment, 2nd company


Dear friends, we are asking you to help purchase a car for scouts who are expelling Russian invaders from Ukraine.
Their car was hit by a landmine and was torn in half beyond repair.
Help is needed very urgently, so we are holding a fundraiser.
We guarantee full reporting and transparency of the purchase of the car.

Needed amount: €4200

Assistance to the Center for temporary residence of IDPs in Obukhiv

Immigrant families, Elderly, People with disabilities,

The project of the Charity Organization “Legal Security Service” – “UKRAINIANS FOR UKRAINIANS” provides for the social adaptation of IDPs during the first 90 days and includes: refurbishing the residential premises of JSC “UkrTelecom” (address of the Center: Kyiv Region, Obukhiv, Malyshka Street, 75) for temporary housing for 50 IDPs for a period of 90 days.

Currently, there is a need to heat this room, so we are announcing a fee for a solid fuel mine boiler Holmva Hetman 22 kW worth UAH 27,300.

Most of the residents of the Center belong to the socially vulnerable category of the population (disabled).

Needed amount: €680

WINTER FUNDRAISING for International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Warriors, Immigrant families,

Hello! Our volunteer organization takes care of the International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is already cold to spend the night in the trenches. We have received a list of needs from the commanders and we are planning to purchase what is needed for winter service right now.
We have AMBITIOUS PLANS. We decided to “warm up” 100 soldiers and buy them the following:
– thermal underwear
– scarfs and hats
– gloves and socks
– medicines and vitamins
– field potbelly stoves
According to our calculations, it turns out to be $40 per soldier. So the fundraising goal is $4,000!
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Take care of yourself! ❤️

Needed amount: $4000

Lead for peace. Support for everyone

Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities,

We deliver humanitarian aid. There are food, water, medicines, hygiene products and other things for the civilian population. Therefore, we are looking for support that allows us to send aid to the “hot spots” of Ukraine.

Needed amount: €10000

Defenders of the People of Ukraine

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities,

We are asking for support for the military in Ukraine, namely for volunteer formations in the Sumy region. There is a great need for military ammunition (body armor, helmets, tactical shoes, thermal imaging cameras, quadcopters, cars for the military, medical cars also for the Vitsk soldiers), we are asking for your help. We are grateful for your support and concern. A report from us is mandatory!

Needed amount: €15000

Demining the territories of Ukraine

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Culture / art, Education, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Ecology / animal protection, Infrastructure, Health and sports, Other,

Collection of funds for the purchase of minesweepers

Have a good time, dear friends!

Our CHARITY FUND “HANDS OF HELP UA” collects funds for the purchase of professional mine detectors for the Department of Emergency Situations of the city of Chernihiv, which is engaged in demining the territories of the Chernihiv region. As a result of the hostilities that took place on the territory of Chernihiv region in March of this year, there remained a lot of explosive objects, mines, shells, etc., which did not explode and which pose a danger to the peaceful inhabitants of this region. Therefore, our Charitable Fund decided to raise funds for the purchase of Garrett RECON-PRO AML-750 PACK11x13 Mine Detectors in the amount of 3 pieces, which will be transferred to the Department of Emergency Services of Chernihiv, which deals directly with demining and disposal of explosive objects.

We need to raise 12 589 $ to purchase three minesweepers.

Help us free the territory of Ukraine from explosive objects.

Our Foundation guarantees full reporting on this project.

Needed amount: $12589

Support of independent media

Culture / art, Education, Other,

We are an independent media. We do not want to depend on oligarchs, the authorities or anyone else. This is the third month we have been working for free, with the idea of ​​developing our own channel. Check it out:


We are a small team of professionals who believe that right now is the chance to start independent media in Ukraine. There are no “tainted” presenters or journalists among us. We believe in freedom of speech, we know the standards of journalism and adhere to them. Already now, every Monday, every Wednesday and every Friday we make a special project for 1 hour 45 minutes on our channel. And we do it so that later it is also broadcast on local TV channels!


What will the money go to:

– For development. We want to come out every day, we want to launch new sections.

– For wages. It is not possible to work for free forever. Although we all still work like that.

– On a business trip. It is necessary to show Ukraine as it is.


If you think that we deserve help – we will be sincerely grateful to you. The money will help us grow to the point where monetization and sponsorships will help us break even. According to our strategy, from 3 to 6 months. Thank you!

Needed amount: $10000

Допомога ЗАХИСНИКАМ та ЗАХИСНИЦЯМ України. Збір на перископи


Slava Ukrayini!

Glory to Ukraine!


I represent a free association of people who help the DEFENDERS of UKRAINE to make periscopes.


Periscopes save lives and allow observations from trenches or buildings without exposing oneself to death.


Currently, we need help with materials to increase the number of periscopes.


– plastic pipes (D50mm)

– 3D printing filament

– 3D printers


We help to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for FREE – NOT FOR SALE!


If you want to help, call or write to Viber at +380 95 890 85 06


Everything will be Ukraine!



Слава Україні!


Я представляю вільне об’єднання людей, які допомагають ЗАХИСНИКАМ та ЗАХИСНИЦЯМ УКРАЇНИ виготовленням перископів.


Перископи зберігають життя та дозволяють вести спостереження з окопів чи з будівель не наражаючи себе на загибель.


Наразі для збільшення кількості виготовлення перископів нам потрібна допомога в матеріалах.


– пластикові труби (D50mm)

– пластик для 3D принтера

– 3D принтери




Хто має бажання допомогти, телефонуйте або пишіть у вайбер за номером +380 95 890 85 06


Все буде Україна!

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Needed amount: €

Help the soldier, help Ukraine

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, People with disabilities, Other,

We need the help of welfare (voluntary formation), soldiers are defending our borders in the Sumy region (Sumy). We need military ammunition, night vision devices (thermal imagers), shoes, food, hygiene products, medical supplies and military first aid kits, stretchers (to carry the seriously wounded), reconnaissance vehicles (many vehicles come under fire), so the need for them is constant. We also need funds for refueling cars (these can be coupons for refueling cars).
We also support ordinary residents of the city and region (necessary food, hygiene products for adults and children from 0 to 4 years), we have cars to help the population, each car needs to be serviced and refueled, so it is very easy for your support🙏🙏🙏 Reports guarantee we have all the necessary documents.🙏🙏🙏

We are always open to any help. We are sincerely grateful for your understanding🙏🙏🙏

Needed amount: €20000

Assistance to starving refugees in Ukraine

Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, People with disabilities,

A non-profit non-governmental organization evacuated from the city of Slovyansk, where the fighting is taking place, to the city of Lviv, has set up a social canteen to prepare lunches. We feed large families and single mothers with children free of charge. Any child should not stay hungry. To ensure the financial sustainability of our initiative, we aim to create 100% social entrepreneurship in the manufacture of pasta. With the funds raised, we will purchase quality equipment and will be able to employ two people who were forced to leave their homes due to Russian aggression and lost their income.

Needed amount: €11800

Collection of goods for soldiers


Good day,


We are starting a collection to help the next soldiers. You and I are great guys. I am infinitely grateful to everyone who cares. You are all so cool.


If someone can buy something and bring it to the fund, I will be very grateful. Our address: str. Lyudmila Protsenko, 6


List of indispensable:

– Sneakers Tactical 41-44r. (Found 950grn/pair. From 25 pairs discount 20%)

– T-shirts pixel / olive – 48-62p (+/-250grn/piece)

– Tactical caps – 58-62p (200grn/pc)

– tile black with plates (found variants 4000-6400grn)

– first-aid kits replenished

– radiant heaters – 2 units (last time they cost 27000 UAH)

– troop showers (28 grn/sht).


Now these are the items that are in great deficit. Many soldiers are asking for help. And we can help even more!

I will be grateful for any support. You can simply publish this post at your pages in social networks – maybe someone wants to help.


Every $10 will be important.


Our Telegram Channel


Instagram: dopomojemo.razom.





Needed amount: $1000

Humanitarian help to limited mobility people

Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities,

Our volunteer organization Kitty Pechersk every day takes care of 500 lonely limited mobility people in our area, deliver lunch and food baskets, medicines and hygiene products. We are in need of financial support, food baskets, medicines and other products.

We also need the help of volunteers to deliver food products and car drivers.

Needed amount: $5000

Stop war in Ukraine

Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Ecology / animal protection,

Good day everyone.

I am an ordinary person, who was caught by surprise by the war. I decided not to sit back and immediately from the first day help people who were left with a roof over their heads, their relatives, their work and could not feed their children or their parents who have disabilities.


On June 20, more than 1,500 food kits were handed over from an ordinary person, not by the foundation, and more than 5,000 people were helped.


Everything is done to the extent possible 💚💚💚


I hope for your support, friends, to continue to help 🙏🙏🙏


Reporting in Telegram chat

Needed amount: €2000

A helping hand

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill,

My friends who protect our native land turned to us with a request for support for their families, mothers, sisters, children. They need our help with food, hygiene products, diapers and much more.

Please, good people, join in with help for such heroes.

Needed amount: €800

Freeze dried food for ukrainian military

Warriors, Immigrant families,

We are volunteers from different region of Ukraine, making freeze-dried borscht, soups, dried fruits, dried meat, and cookies for the military with a two-year shelf life.
These foods are operating in every adverse climate and condition on our territory.
We realize like no other that taste and ease of use are crucial to completing such military challenges. Our healthy and energy food fits in the pockets of our defenders.

Needed amount: €2000

“Healthy Teeth”

Youth / children, Culture / art, Education,

Our foundation takes care of orphans from Lysychansk who need our attention and care.
After the experience, children also need dental treatment.
To improve their health a bit, we decided to deal with this problem little by little.

Needed amount: $3000

Materials for camouflage nets

Warriors, Other,

Camouflage nets save the lives of our military because they do not allow the enemy to see them. The nets help maintain air defense, which protects peaceful cities from Russian aircraft and missiles. The front needs thousands of nets. And we need your help. We need finances to buy fabric so that we can continue to weave life-saving webs! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

Needed amount: €2000

Museum renovation

Culture / art,

The total area of ​​the museum is 90 square meters. m. We are part of the structure of the municipal institution “Center of Culture and Leisure” Makariv village council. Located in Makarov. During March 2022, Makariv was under constant enemy fire. During one of the shellings from Grady, one of the shells exploded 20-30 meters from the museum. As a result of the blast, two doors of the museum were torn out, windows in all windows were broken and the roof of the depository was partially damaged. Only thanks to the attention of local residents was it possible to avoid looting the institution from looters.
We repaired the doors of the institution on our own together with the technical staff of the Center for Culture and Leisure. Film was also purchased from volunteers and windows were temporarily closed.
To protect the institution from looting in the future, as the situation has shown, you need to install metal bars. We will carry out all repair work on our own together with the technical staff of the Center for Culture and Leisure. But to begin the repair work, we need to buy materials: glass, metal, wooden beams and slate.
I am adding a photo of broken windows and a damaged roof to the letter… The windows in the museum are double. And therefore it is necessary to insert both external and internal windows.

Needed amount: €1000

Wings of Victory


Since the first days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the volunteer organization Wings of Victory has been helping the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We raise funds for purchase and provide fighters with medicines and various military equipment. We need your support to purchase military uniforms, tactical footwear, gloves, bulletproof vests, helmets, backpacks, first aid kits, walkie-talkies etc.

Since February 2022 we have raised about $ 20,000

Needed amount: $5000

Fuel for KHARKIV

Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Other,

We are a charitable organization that helps people from villages and cities affected by Russian aggression.
The most common problem is the transportation of volunteer assistance due to lack of fuel resources.
Fuel consumption per 100 km in the range from 14 to 17 liters.
On average, we travel a distance of 800-1000km one way.
We will be grateful for any help.

Needed amount: €11000

Help refugees

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Ecology / animal protection, Other,

There are more than 400 people who need help, please bear a hand with food, hygiene products, animal feed.
People lost their homes, relatives, but saved their life…

I have been helping people since the first days, I do everything at my own expense and unfortunately I am no longer able to provide joint assistance, every month it is about 30-40 thousand, for food and hygiene products, for so many people.

Needed amount: €10000

Help for the elderly in Kharkov

Immigrant families, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities,

We are volunteers from Kharkov. From the first day of the war, together with friends, we have been helping the elderly in Kharkov. We are constantly buying food and delivering it to those in need. We now have 170 people whom we help on a weekly basis. These are residents of Saltovka and northern Saltovka – the most affected area in Kharkov.
All posts are posted on Instagram.
Every dollar of yours helps us feed people in Kharkiv. Thank you very much 🤗

Needed amount: $1000

Camouflage clothing for snipers – KIKIMORA


Volunteer organization Kitty Pechersk is engaged in the production of masking camouflage clothes for snipers. We’re looking for funding to purchase the fabrics and searching for people who can help in production.

Needed amount: $1000

A night vision device for a group of scouts


Hello! We are a team of volunteers from Ukraine. We help our defenders to fight for peace and tranquility in Ukraine.

We are raising funds for a night vision device for a group of scouts. This is a unit of the SSO of Ukraine. They are currently in the Sumy region, going to the front.

There is no point in writing about the importance of seeing in the dark – it is very important!

Model PVS-7 or PVS-14, generation eop 2+ and eop 3, respectively.

The asking price is approximately UAH 125,000, maybe a little more, depending on the dollar exchange rate.

Please share this message because this is urgent!

Needed amount: $2550

Fundraising for fuel

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities,

Brothers and sisters, fundraising for fuel continues⛽️!
❗️ We have collected a lot of humanitarian aid that will go to Kharkiv.
🏠 This is all targeted assistance that is delivered in person.
👉 The volume of this cargo is approximately 20 tons. The only thing missing is fuel.

We plan to send the cargo in the near future. The minimum amount to refuel a truck is 20,000 ₴. We have already collected more than half of the amount.

💰 Please transfer funds, bring fuel coupons. If someone has the opportunity, bring the fuel itself. We will be very grateful. We are doing everything for the victory of Ukraine!

Let’s run, let’s unite! 💪

Needed amount: €900

Combat Application Tourniquet Fundraising

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Ecology / animal protection,

Hi! We are Ukrainian Volunteer Hub in Stockholm. And we’re raising money for purchasing one of the most important things for Ukrainian defenders – tourniquets. They will save the life and health of Ukrainian soldiers. Being disposable tool CATs are constantly in need. We have already sent hundreds of CATs and other help to our defenders and civilians in Ukraine.

Needed amount: €5000

Assistance for refugee children and their parents

Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, People with disabilities,

Hello! My name is Julia. I am a volunteer from Kyiv, Ukraine. I help children and their parents, retirees who fled the war to the city of Kyiv. Every day I feed children, women, men and retirees at my own expense. There are a lot of requests at the moment and I can’t handle it. Too many people who don’t even have a piece of bread! This is terrible! That’s why we have to help them. I really hope that you will help me in this! Glory to Ukraine!

Needed amount: $2000


Warriors, Youth / children,

Our scout from the front needs armor. They were given bulletproof vests, but he is of small stature and the vest is not only very heavy, but also just falls off it 😔 the guy does not leave his post and works without armor. 😭
At the moment, we do not need UAH 14,000 to purchase a sock with ultra-light ceramic tiles.
The sooner we finish the collection, the sooner we can help the soldier. And he will be able to transfer his armor to someone else, to whom it will be the size.

Needed amount: $630

Buying body armor and binoculars

Warriors, Immigrant families,

Our Union has been assisting the Ukrainian army and civilian population since the first days of the war. We are approached by commanders of military units and we provide assistance. Now there is a need to buy body armor and binoculars for Ukrainian defenders based on their requests. We provide all necessary reporting

Needed amount: $10000

Food for life

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Other,

Our Fund helps people, who suffering from war in Ukraine.

Every day we cook hot meals and combine grocery sets for more than 1000 civilians of Kharkiv. It’s 7000 sets and meals per week.

Right now we are raising funds so that our organization can continue to provide people with food. By raising 10 000 we can feed 7000+ people.

Currently, more than 20,000 people are in Kharkiv’s bomb shelters. These are children, mothers, and elderly people. We want them to have to eat well and have the strength to survive this war.

Needed amount: €1000

Individual First Aid Kits for UA soldiers on frontline


We want to collect 100 NATO IFAK first aid kits for the needs of individual battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are on the front line. We need your help!

Needed amount: $7000

Musicians Defend Ukraine

Warriors, Immigrant families, Culture / art,

We are the charity foundation created by Ukrainian cultural organizations: Shpytal Records, kontrabass promo and Love’n’Joy. Our goal is to involve people in supporting Ukrainian artists who defend their cities and work as volunteers.

Right now we are raising funds for:

personal protective equipment (body armors)
tactical clothing, tactical goggles, thermal imagers, first aid kits for musicians who volunteer in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

We encourage you to join and share information about the MUSICIANS DEFEND UKRAINE campaign and donate, so we can save lives together. All the money received will be sent to our colleagues in the music industry, who are actively involved in volunteering and humanitarian work. The process of identifying needs and allocating funds will be covered on our social media.

Musicians defend Ukraine

Needed amount: $1000