Благодійний Фонд "Група Альфа"

Chadovych Tetiana


WINTER FUNDRAISING for International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Warriors, Immigrant families

Hello! Our volunteer organization takes care of the International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is already cold to spend the night in the trenches. We have received a list of needs from the commanders and we are planning to purchase what is needed for winter service right now.
We have AMBITIOUS PLANS. We decided to “warm up” 100 soldiers and buy them the following:
– thermal underwear
– scarfs and hats
– gloves and socks
– medicines and vitamins
– field potbelly stoves
According to our calculations, it turns out to be $40 per soldier. So the fundraising goal is $4,000!
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Take care of yourself! ❤️

Needed amount: $4000

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