ГО Україна СОС

Фролов Антон Миколайович


Fundraising for fuel

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities

Brothers and sisters, fundraising for fuel continues⛽️!
❗️ We have collected a lot of humanitarian aid that will go to Kharkiv.
🏠 This is all targeted assistance that is delivered in person.
👉 The volume of this cargo is approximately 20 tons. The only thing missing is fuel.

We plan to send the cargo in the near future. The minimum amount to refuel a truck is 20,000 ₴. We have already collected more than half of the amount.

💰 Please transfer funds, bring fuel coupons. If someone has the opportunity, bring the fuel itself. We will be very grateful. We are doing everything for the victory of Ukraine!

Let’s run, let’s unite! 💪

Needed amount: €900