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A great future for small hearts

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About 10,000 children are born in Ukraine yearly with congenital heart disease.

The vast majority of them can live a full, healthy life in the future if they are operated on in time.


In the Dobrobut medical chain, such complex operations as closing the interventricular septal defect and mitral valve surgery in children are minimally invasive. That is, without a large traumatic incision in the sternum.


The incision in minimally invasive cardiac surgery is 5 times smaller than in conventional surgery and does not injure the sternum. The child feels much less pain. After minimally invasive surgery, rehabilitation and recovery are much faster. The child can walk the very next day after surgery, and return home on the third or fourth day. The operation leaves no visible scars, only minor traces that become almost invisible over time.


Program objective:

  • To provide timely, high-quality surgical care to 5 children with congenital heart disease;
  • Minimize the pain and psycho-emotional distress of a child who needs surgery for congenital heart disease;
  • Help improve the quality of life of a child with congenital heart disease.


Program components:

  • Examination, diagnosis, or confirmation of the diagnosis;
  • Preoperative examinations;
  • Minimally invasive cardiac surgery;
  • Rehabilitation.


The cost of surgery for one child is UAH 110,000.

The cost is reduced due to the fact that the entire Dobrobut team involved in the operation (doctors, nurses, managers) works on a volunteer basis.

The Dobrobut Foundation is raising funds for the surgery of five children.

Needed amount: $15000

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