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Support of independent media

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We are an independent media. We do not want to depend on oligarchs, the authorities or anyone else. This is the third month we have been working for free, with the idea of ​​developing our own channel. Check it out:


We are a small team of professionals who believe that right now is the chance to start independent media in Ukraine. There are no “tainted” presenters or journalists among us. We believe in freedom of speech, we know the standards of journalism and adhere to them. Already now, every Monday, every Wednesday and every Friday we make a special project for 1 hour 45 minutes on our channel. And we do it so that later it is also broadcast on local TV channels!


What will the money go to:

– For development. We want to come out every day, we want to launch new sections.

– For wages. It is not possible to work for free forever. Although we all still work like that.

– On a business trip. It is necessary to show Ukraine as it is.


If you think that we deserve help – we will be sincerely grateful to you. The money will help us grow to the point where monetization and sponsorships will help us break even. According to our strategy, from 3 to 6 months. Thank you!

Needed amount: $10000

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