Musicians Defend Ukraine

Драчук Олександр Вікторович


Musicians Defend Ukraine

Warriors, Immigrant families, Culture / art

We are the charity foundation created by Ukrainian cultural organizations: Shpytal Records, kontrabass promo and Love’n’Joy. Our goal is to involve people in supporting Ukrainian artists who defend their cities and work as volunteers.

Right now we are raising funds for:

personal protective equipment (body armors)
tactical clothing, tactical goggles, thermal imagers, first aid kits for musicians who volunteer in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

We encourage you to join and share information about the MUSICIANS DEFEND UKRAINE campaign and donate, so we can save lives together. All the money received will be sent to our colleagues in the music industry, who are actively involved in volunteering and humanitarian work. The process of identifying needs and allocating funds will be covered on our social media.

Musicians defend Ukraine

Needed amount: $1000