ГО « Український Рух Миру»

Ємець Михайло Володимирович



Immigrant families, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Ecology / animal protection

Independence, self-sufficiency, non-subordination… These words are deeply rooted in the hearts of probably every Ukrainian, filling thoughts and even feelings. We are no exception with our center of hope for hundreds of “special families”, the Rivne Regional Specialized Children’s Home with a Center for Rehabilitation of Children with Organic Central Nervous System Disorders and Mental Disorders and Palliative Care for Children of the Rivne Regional Council.
We want to have independence from centralized heating and energy supply, we want to provide our patients with more comfortable conditions, regardless of external circumstances. And this is not a whim, it is currently a necessity in today’s conditions and in the realities of wartime, because our institution serves one of the most vulnerable segments of the population. These are children with disabilities, those who need special conditions not just for comfort, but to ensure their lives.
Children with various diagnoses are treated in the rehabilitation and palliative care units. Among them are seriously ill children who need constant care and maintenance. And our task, first of all, is to create maximum comfort for our “special patients”.
We are developing, considering various options for improving conditions, looking for opportunities to bring our institution to a more modern level of existence. Therefore, we believe that switching to solar panels and a heat pump is the perfect solution to our challenges. It is also an opportunity to save financial resources that can be invested in the development of the institution. All for the safety, protection and comfort of our children. All for the sake of creating comfort in the midst of the ruin they are trying to turn our country into.

Needed amount: €16974