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Demining the territories of Ukraine

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Collection of funds for the purchase of minesweepers

Have a good time, dear friends!

Our CHARITY FUND “HANDS OF HELP UA” collects funds for the purchase of professional mine detectors for the Department of Emergency Situations of the city of Chernihiv, which is engaged in demining the territories of the Chernihiv region. As a result of the hostilities that took place on the territory of Chernihiv region in March of this year, there remained a lot of explosive objects, mines, shells, etc., which did not explode and which pose a danger to the peaceful inhabitants of this region. Therefore, our Charitable Fund decided to raise funds for the purchase of Garrett RECON-PRO AML-750 PACK11x13 Mine Detectors in the amount of 3 pieces, which will be transferred to the Department of Emergency Services of Chernihiv, which deals directly with demining and disposal of explosive objects.

We need to raise 12 589 $ to purchase three minesweepers.

Help us free the territory of Ukraine from explosive objects.

Our Foundation guarantees full reporting on this project.

Needed amount: $12589

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