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10 000 Trech Candles for UAarmy

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The team of the charitable foundation “Coast of Life” has already made and supplied over 10000 trench candles since the end of December 2022.

What are these? They are easy-to-make candles which consist of only three components: cans, cardboard and paraffin (or wax). Two of them—cans and cardboard—could be obtained through “reusing and recycling”–we need just to collect the material which was previously used. However, the third component — paraffin or wax — should be bought.

How can I help? One kg of paraffin costs 3 euros. 1kg of paraffin means 10 small candles or 3 big candles. 1 small candle means 3-3,5 hours of burning and lighting. Also, it is possible to collect used candles and send them to us!

Please check our pages to see our past reports and new ones that will be done with your help.

Needed amount: €2500

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