This platform is an online hub that connects Ukrainians in need with the people who care from all over the world. Aid is collected by verified organizations and volunteer initiatives. You choose a story, donate in a few clicks and get feedback from those you helped.

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Fundraising for a car for soldiers of the 98th battalion of the Azov regiment, 2nd company


Dear friends, we are asking you to help purchase a car for scouts who are expelling Russian invaders from Ukraine.
Their car was hit by a landmine and was torn in half beyond repair.
Help is needed very urgently, so we are holding a fundraiser.
We guarantee full reporting and transparency of the purchase of the car.

Needed amount: €4200

Assistance to the Center for temporary residence of IDPs in Obukhiv

Immigrant families, Elderly, People with disabilities,

The project of the Charity Organization “Legal Security Service” – “UKRAINIANS FOR UKRAINIANS” provides for the social adaptation of IDPs during the first 90 days and includes: refurbishing the residential premises of JSC “UkrTelecom” (address of the Center: Kyiv Region, Obukhiv, Malyshka Street, 75) for temporary housing for 50 IDPs for a period of 90 days.

Currently, there is a need to heat this room, so we are announcing a fee for a solid fuel mine boiler Holmva Hetman 22 kW worth UAH 27,300.

Most of the residents of the Center belong to the socially vulnerable category of the population (disabled).

Needed amount: €680

WINTER FUNDRAISING for International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Warriors, Immigrant families,

Hello! Our volunteer organization takes care of the International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is already cold to spend the night in the trenches. We have received a list of needs from the commanders and we are planning to purchase what is needed for winter service right now.
We have AMBITIOUS PLANS. We decided to “warm up” 100 soldiers and buy them the following:
– thermal underwear
– scarfs and hats
– gloves and socks
– medicines and vitamins
– field potbelly stoves
According to our calculations, it turns out to be $40 per soldier. So the fundraising goal is $4,000!
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Take care of yourself! ❤️

Needed amount: $4000

Assistance to the voluntary formation “Lisovyk”

Warriors, Youth / children, People with disabilities,

We are asking for strong support for the volunteer formation 8 “Lisovyk”. The formation in the city of Sumy and the region maintains the defense 24/7. There is a great need to purchase ammunition for our military (tactical shoes and gloves, helmets, body armor, reconnaissance vehicles, quadcopters and thermal imagers, laptops, etc.), if you can share diesel coupons with us, we will be very grateful.🙏🙏

We also support the population, namely families who have lost their jobs and who have dependent children under 15, people with disabilities, families in which a man/woman, father/mother is in captivity or is considered missing (since the beginning of the full-scale invasion), we provide medicine, food, hygiene products, etc. We will be grateful for every donation and any support. We are always open, reporting is guaranteed! Glory to Ukraine!

Needed amount: €5000

Lead for peace. Support for everyone

Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities,

We deliver humanitarian aid. There are food, water, medicines, hygiene products and other things for the civilian population. Therefore, we are looking for support that allows us to send aid to the “hot spots” of Ukraine.

Needed amount: €10000

Defenders of the People of Ukraine

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities,

We are asking for support for the military in Ukraine, namely for volunteer formations in the Sumy region. There is a great need for military ammunition (body armor, helmets, tactical shoes, thermal imaging cameras, quadcopters, cars for the military, medical cars also for the Vitsk soldiers), we are asking for your help. We are grateful for your support and concern. A report from us is mandatory!

Needed amount: €15000

Demining the territories of Ukraine

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Culture / art, Education, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Ecology / animal protection, Infrastructure, Health and sports, Other,

Collection of funds for the purchase of minesweepers

Have a good time, dear friends!

Our CHARITY FUND “HANDS OF HELP UA” collects funds for the purchase of professional mine detectors for the Department of Emergency Situations of the city of Chernihiv, which is engaged in demining the territories of the Chernihiv region. As a result of the hostilities that took place on the territory of Chernihiv region in March of this year, there remained a lot of explosive objects, mines, shells, etc., which did not explode and which pose a danger to the peaceful inhabitants of this region. Therefore, our Charitable Fund decided to raise funds for the purchase of Garrett RECON-PRO AML-750 PACK11x13 Mine Detectors in the amount of 3 pieces, which will be transferred to the Department of Emergency Services of Chernihiv, which deals directly with demining and disposal of explosive objects.

We need to raise 12 589 $ to purchase three minesweepers.

Help us free the territory of Ukraine from explosive objects.

Our Foundation guarantees full reporting on this project.

Needed amount: $12589

Support of independent media

Culture / art, Education, Other,

We are an independent media. We do not want to depend on oligarchs, the authorities or anyone else. This is the third month we have been working for free, with the idea of ​​developing our own channel. Check it out:


We are a small team of professionals who believe that right now is the chance to start independent media in Ukraine. There are no “tainted” presenters or journalists among us. We believe in freedom of speech, we know the standards of journalism and adhere to them. Already now, every Monday, every Wednesday and every Friday we make a special project for 1 hour 45 minutes on our channel. And we do it so that later it is also broadcast on local TV channels!


What will the money go to:

– For development. We want to come out every day, we want to launch new sections.

– For wages. It is not possible to work for free forever. Although we all still work like that.

– On a business trip. It is necessary to show Ukraine as it is.


If you think that we deserve help – we will be sincerely grateful to you. The money will help us grow to the point where monetization and sponsorships will help us break even. According to our strategy, from 3 to 6 months. Thank you!

Needed amount: $10000

Допомога ЗАХИСНИКАМ та ЗАХИСНИЦЯМ України. Збір на перископи


Slava Ukrayini!

Glory to Ukraine!


I represent a free association of people who help the DEFENDERS of UKRAINE to make periscopes.


Periscopes save lives and allow observations from trenches or buildings without exposing oneself to death.


Currently, we need help with materials to increase the number of periscopes.


– plastic pipes (D50mm)

– 3D printing filament

– 3D printers


We help to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for FREE – NOT FOR SALE!


If you want to help, call or write to Viber at +380 95 890 85 06


Everything will be Ukraine!



Слава Україні!


Я представляю вільне об’єднання людей, які допомагають ЗАХИСНИКАМ та ЗАХИСНИЦЯМ УКРАЇНИ виготовленням перископів.


Перископи зберігають життя та дозволяють вести спостереження з окопів чи з будівель не наражаючи себе на загибель.


Наразі для збільшення кількості виготовлення перископів нам потрібна допомога в матеріалах.


– пластикові труби (D50mm)

– пластик для 3D принтера

– 3D принтери




Хто має бажання допомогти, телефонуйте або пишіть у вайбер за номером +380 95 890 85 06


Все буде Україна!

Needed amount: €0

Help the soldier, help Ukraine

Warriors, Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, People with disabilities, Other,

We need the help of welfare (voluntary formation), soldiers are defending our borders in the Sumy region (Sumy). We need military ammunition, night vision devices (thermal imagers), shoes, food, hygiene products, medical supplies and military first aid kits, stretchers (to carry the seriously wounded), reconnaissance vehicles (many vehicles come under fire), so the need for them is constant. We also need funds for refueling cars (these can be coupons for refueling cars).
We also support ordinary residents of the city and region (necessary food, hygiene products for adults and children from 0 to 4 years), we have cars to help the population, each car needs to be serviced and refueled, so it is very easy for your support🙏🙏🙏 Reports guarantee we have all the necessary documents.🙏🙏🙏

We are always open to any help. We are sincerely grateful for your understanding🙏🙏🙏

Needed amount: €20000


You may have questions. Here are the answers to the most common of them:

  • I have suffered from the war. I want to register my need in help. I do not understand how.

    The hub was created for cooperation between volunteer initiatives. If you need help - contact one of the organizations that cooperate with us.

  • Can I donate directly to Ukrainians / refugees?

    Probably so, but not on this website. To make sure the help goes the proper way, we work through volunteer initiatives that we trust. They help specific people with specific things / money / actions.

  • I can't afford to help financially, but I can help otherwise. How can I offer my help?

    The detailed information about the needs includes the contacts of the organizers of the volunteer initiative. After reading the full story, you can contact them directly and offer any help you can provide.

  • How and when can I find out how my money was used?

    The coordinators of the volunteer initiatives will upload to this platform the documents confirming the use of money, as well as a feedback from those they helped. Immediately after, we will automatically send this information to you. We ask the organizations to share reports as soon as possible.