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First-aid kits for the Ukrainian front lines


The tactical first-aid kit is different from the standard one in that it is intended for quick pre-medical rescue procedures in areas without hospitals or medical personnel. The use of tactical first aid kits facilitates the transportation of the injured to a location where they can receive complete medical attention.
Tactical first aid kits have already helped save a lot of lives. Every warrior who is saved is a miracle for him and everyone who loves him.


Tactical first aid kits are made from high-quality components:

Hemostatic tourniquets  –1

Permanent waterproof marker –1

Compression Bandage – 1

Occlusive dressing with flap – 1

Hemostasis Emergency Elastic Bandage Compression Band – 2

Atraumatic scissors Tactical Shears – 1

Nasopharyngeal airway (NPA) – 1

Water based lubricant 5ml – 1

Transpore Surgical Tape
2,5cm x 9,1m – 1

Urgo Urgoderm Extensible Non–Woven – 4

Medical gloves AQL 1.5 – 2

thermal blanket 160 х 220cm  – 1

Burncare emergency scald soothing sterile hydrogel dressings – 1

Occlusive dressing with flap – 1

Pressed gauze bandage tape – 1

Gauze bandage tape 5m x 10cm – 1

Gauze bandage tape 5m x 5cm – 1

Elastic bandage 3m x 8cm – 1

Chlorhexidine wipes – 1

Alcohol 95% wipes – 1

Water purification tablets (Aquatabs) – 1

Sterile Soft Compress 7.5 x 7.5cm – 1

Sterile Soft Compress 10 x 10cm – 1

Sterile Paraffin Gauze Pad 5x5cm – 1

Anesthetic ampoule + syringe 2ml – 1

Decompression needle G15/2mm – 125mm – 1

Patient examination card – 1

Pouch for hemostatic tourniquets – 1

Emergency aid pouch with a quick–release system – 1

Needed amount: €2500

Drones for Defenders


Dear friends, today we are starting a fundraiser for our Cossacks from the  Zaporizhia region, one of the most regions in Ukraine now. We need to raise funds for the DJI Matrice 210 rtk V2 drone, it costs a lot, 189,000 hryvnias (4660 euros ), so I am asking everyone to join by spreading this post or help financially, if you have such an option. We understood, that the real strenght is in unity and I am asking you to unite one more time by helping our Warriors to kick the ruzzian scums out back to Mordor.

Thank you in advance, together we will win

Needed amount: €4460

Collection of funds for the population of Ukraine, whose homes were damaged during the war

Immigrant families, Elderly, People with disabilities, Other,

Good day! We need your support!

The purpose of the Charitable Foundation “Patriot of Chernihiv” organization is to help the population of Ukraine (pensioners, disabled people, displaced persons and low-income families) with food products, hygiene products, building materials (construction services) – whose homes were destroyed during the war with the Russian Federation.

The strategic goal of the project is to capture a significant share of charitable aid in Ukraine.

So we are working hard, and we invite you to join us to help more people together!

Needed amount: $300000

10 000 Trech Candles for UAarmy

Warriors, Other,

The team of the charitable foundation “Coast of Life” has already made and supplied over 10000 trench candles since the end of December 2022.

What are these? They are easy-to-make candles which consist of only three components: cans, cardboard and paraffin (or wax). Two of them—cans and cardboard—could be obtained through “reusing and recycling”–we need just to collect the material which was previously used. However, the third component — paraffin or wax — should be bought.

How can I help? One kg of paraffin costs 3 euros. 1kg of paraffin means 10 small candles or 3 big candles. 1 small candle means 3-3,5 hours of burning and lighting. Also, it is possible to collect used candles and send them to us!

Please check our pages to see our past reports and new ones that will be done with your help.

Needed amount: €2500


Immigrant families, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Ecology / animal protection,

Independence, self-sufficiency, non-subordination… These words are deeply rooted in the hearts of probably every Ukrainian, filling thoughts and even feelings. We are no exception with our center of hope for hundreds of “special families”, the Rivne Regional Specialized Children’s Home with a Center for Rehabilitation of Children with Organic Central Nervous System Disorders and Mental Disorders and Palliative Care for Children of the Rivne Regional Council.
We want to have independence from centralized heating and energy supply, we want to provide our patients with more comfortable conditions, regardless of external circumstances. And this is not a whim, it is currently a necessity in today’s conditions and in the realities of wartime, because our institution serves one of the most vulnerable segments of the population. These are children with disabilities, those who need special conditions not just for comfort, but to ensure their lives.
Children with various diagnoses are treated in the rehabilitation and palliative care units. Among them are seriously ill children who need constant care and maintenance. And our task, first of all, is to create maximum comfort for our “special patients”.
We are developing, considering various options for improving conditions, looking for opportunities to bring our institution to a more modern level of existence. Therefore, we believe that switching to solar panels and a heat pump is the perfect solution to our challenges. It is also an opportunity to save financial resources that can be invested in the development of the institution. All for the safety, protection and comfort of our children. All for the sake of creating comfort in the midst of the ruin they are trying to turn our country into.

Needed amount: €16974

A nice drone for the 44th Brigade (6 drones)


UAV complexes “Valkyria” is an unmanned aerial system for military and civilian purposes to provide monitoring, aerial reconnaissance, video surveillance and correction of artillery fire day and night.

The 44th Separate Artillery Brigade named after Hetman Danylo Apostol needs drones, so the Pokrova Charitable Foundation (Ternopil), which has been operating for over 10 years, together with the military, announces a fundraising campaign to purchase them.

The price includes: 6 aircraft, 3 antennas, 3 laptops with software, 3 batteries and military training.


Funds in any currency can be transferred via LiqPay by following the link:

Needed amount: $50112

Urgent fundraising for a car for the guys of the 36th Brigade in Donetsk region

The guys were returning from a mission under fire and got into an accident. All are alive, but the car is destroyed. They really need our help now. They extremely need a new vehicle as soon as possible. The guys are in a very hot area near Avdiivka.
I am getting down to business with your support. We are strong, we are not indifferent, it concerns us as well as them, we are one team.
🎯Goal: 2600 EUR
(the guys already have about 390)
Together to victory, friends, I believe in you and in this fundraising!
Glory to the Armed Forces!
Glory to Ukraine!
Needed amount: €2600

Acquisition of military tablet PCs for a unit of the Military Naval Forces of Ukraine


To perform combat missions, military units need tablests Pcs with the “Krapiva” software system.

The execution of military tasks in the conditions of active combat requires quick decisions and full-fledged navigation for the instant destruction of the enemy.

The fighters of the unit have been on the front line since the first days of the full-scale war, most of them are combat veterans.

Let’s help our soldiers win together! Glory to Ukraine!

Needed amount: €1200

Rescue Kits to save civilians from biological, chemical, radiational weapons

Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Other,

From the first days of the full-scale invasion, the “RAY OF FREEDOM” Foundation has been implementing the program of providing the civilian population of Ukraine with individual protective kits against the CBR threats and the consequences of man-made disasters. We have done a lot of work to realize the program and start to distribute protective kits. The main task is to make and send the first 200 kits to people who are at risk.

Today, none of us has any doubt that our enemy is a terrorist country. In fact, the entire civilian population of Ukraine is being held hostage. Ukraine lived a full life and actively developed production and agriculture. 5 nuclear power plants, a lot of peaceful chemical production, pharmaceutical factories, containers with fertilizer in every village – all these are potential targets for enemy missiles and a potential source of man-made disasters. We know how to protect you and ourselves!

Needed amount: $30000

Assistance to the fire and rescue unit of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kherson region within the Lead for peace project. Support for everyone

Immigrant families, Youth / children, Elderly, Sick / seriously ill, People with disabilities, Infrastructure, Other,

Because of constant shelling by artillery and MLRS, the State Emergency Service detachment is constantly suffering losses and needs our help.

The separate division of the “AIESEC in Ukraine” NGO in Lviv, in cooperation with the Kherson public organization “New Generation,” is collecting funds for a generator and power banks for the second fire and rescue unit of the Novovorontsovka of the Kherson region.


Needed amount: €1500


You may have questions. Here are the answers to the most common of them:

  • I have suffered from the war. I want to register my need in help. I do not understand how.

    The hub was created for cooperation between volunteer initiatives. If you need help - contact one of the organizations that cooperate with us.

  • Can I donate directly to Ukrainians / refugees?

    Probably so, but not on this website. To make sure the help goes the proper way, we work through volunteer initiatives that we trust. They help specific people with specific things / money / actions.

  • I can't afford to help financially, but I can help otherwise. How can I offer my help?

    The detailed information about the needs includes the contacts of the organizers of the volunteer initiative. After reading the full story, you can contact them directly and offer any help you can provide.

  • How and when can I find out how my money was used?

    The coordinators of the volunteer initiatives will upload to this platform the documents confirming the use of money, as well as a feedback from those they helped. Immediately after, we will automatically send this information to you. We ask the organizations to share reports as soon as possible.